In 1998 Tri-OXY Research started in a basement apartment in Wack-Wack, Mandaluyong City. After a decade of continuous research and development, Tri-OXY Enterprises products are the most affordable and the most technologically advanced in the Philippines. With product ranging for a full line of Air and Water Ozonators, Water Stations, Cooling Towers and Swimming Pools, Tri-OXY has gained the knowledge and experience to meet any Ozone treatment requirement of our clients. Our in-house Research, Development and Production team can meet any and all custom built system as designed by our engineers to meet customer specifications.

We at Tri-OXY are dedicated to the full satisfaction of our clients with MONEY BACK GUARANTEES. We devote our efforts to the continuing improvement of our products and services and to keep up to date with all current and future technologies to benefit our existing and future clients.

Currently, Tri-OXY uses the state-of-the-art HIGH FREQUENCY COLD PLASMA FIELD technology in all its ozone equipment. This assures efficient ozone production with smaller elements with NO HEAT generated.  This equates to higher reliability and longer service life for the equipment that saves on costly service and maintenance.

Other manufacturers use either Automotive Ignition Coils or Neon Transformers to produce ozone. This obsolete method of producing ozone is not only inefficient and power hungry, but is also very dangerous to be used around humans because of the NITROUS OXIDE gas it also produces. This old method can pose a very real electrical, fire, and health safety hazard to the users.